Company Profile

El Zahed is an Egyptian Group of energy and petrochemicals companies with 7 companies as authorized agents of the Largest Global Companies which produce oils, lubricants and petroleum materials to cover all parts of the Republic.
El Zahed helps to ensure that the equipment and machinery in the Egyptian factories work effectively and efficiently and meet the growing demand in Egypt for the products of the petroleum materials by these companies and factories.

Reliable Service & Fast Delivery

We appreciate that in all sectors, the key to your efficiency is ensuring we stock the right products and are able to deliver on time. With our strategically placed depots and our fleet of delivery vehicles, we provide a fast and efficient delivery service.

Lubricants, Services & Solutions

El Zahed has become one of the leading providers of lubricants and lubrication services to many sectors. We are able to recommend and supply world class lubricants to clients throughout Egypt. We also provide a range of services aimed at reducing your costs and improving profit margins.In addition, we offer a customized ‘Lubrication & Maintenance Management Software Program’ solution where we’ll work with you to reduce your lubrication costs and extend the life of your equipment

Premium Quality Products

We understand that reducing oil consumption and increasing oil-drain intervals are important factors. We work with the world leaders in lubricant production, and can supply you with premium quality products, that will ensure downtime is reduced and production is increased

Technical Expertise

We've built a vast wealth of knowledge and expertise in the different sectors, ensuring we can efficiently deal with any technical issues or questions you may have. By liaising with our team of experts, our professional and friendly Customer Service team will guarantee a fast and reliable response to your query