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Lubricant Recommendations for all types of Applications to meet OEM requirements

  1. Find OEM: Find Original Equipment manufacturer lubricant recommendation
  2. LOOBLE: ExxonMobil application at for equipment recommendation by (Industry- application- Equipment type)
  3. ExxonMobil Equipment Builder Database. (EMEBS) : ExxonMobil data base for the majority of Equipment builder
  4. By Application
  5. Operating conditions
  6. Lubricant specification
  7. Experience


Technical Help Desk (THD) service

ExxonMobil Services for more information on Mobil Industrial Lubricants and services

  • Phone: 0227916360/390
  • email:


On-Site Trouble Shooting Inspection for all machinery & Equipments

ELZahed Technical filed engineering always beside you business for more protection and more cost reduction.


Plant Survey

Make Study application and used lubricants for the customer.

Lubrication Chart for all machinery & equipments


Advanced Technical Training

ELZahed team make regularly Seminars, Technical Training by Sectors & On customer sites Clinic


Lubricant Analysis

Simplifies the lubrication monitoring process while producing reliable results that help guide maintenance professionals to the best decisions for their operations.

Mobil SERV


Thermal image

Thermographic camera is a device that forms an thermal image using infrared radiation wich help the industry for measuring accurate thermal image for equipments protect, extend oil live and cost reduction


Benefits Documentation

ELZahed Technical Field engineers document all services at four reports form for customer review:

  • Engineer Benefits Proposal (EBP)
  • Engineer Benefits Report (EBR)
  • POP (Success stories)
  • Engineer Services Report (ESR)