Technical Support

Cost analysis & Energy Survey


As part of our commitment to offering outstanding service, we provide energy surveys to all your Equipment in your plant. Our aim is to identify areas on-site that have high energy usage; we will then investigate ways of reducing the energy used.

Advanced Technical Training


El Zahed Technical Services Engineers will present a specialized training for you. Courses can be designed to meet yours specific needs, at a variety of levels for technician and engineering staff. This course aim to provide your Stuff with knowledge and information about lubricants. They also cover the selection and application of the correct lubricant to maintain equipment.

Technical Support & Trouble Shooting

El Zahed Technical Services Engineers will provide a troubleshooting service to you to assist you in the diagnosis of lubricant related equipment failures and preventing problems from reoccurring. The service involves an analysis of:

    • The fuel/lubricant used
    • The operation and operating conditions of the equipment.
    • How the lubricant was supplied.

    Consultations and recommendations are supplied in a written report and may include consultation with experts in other fields.

    Lubrication Chart for all machinery & equipment


    El Zahed Technical Services Engineers will undertake lubrication surveys for your plant. These involve:

    • On-Site inspection of plant and equipment.
    • The provision of a detailed listing of the lubrication requirements of the plant and equipment.
    • Recommendations of lubricants to use.
    • Advice on the use of the products.
    • Storage and handling of lubricants.
    • Health and safety data.
    • Product descriptions for the recommended Lubricants.

    The survey provides you with a document relating to the lubrication requirements of your plant. The survey also highlights which lubricants you should stock, thus preventing you from becoming confused when too many products are held in stock. Lubrication surveys can be supplied on computer disk or in an attractive presentation folder. They will store electronically, making you easy to update

    Mobil Serv Oil Analysis


    As we continue to bring all that is advanced and new to the market, ExxonMobil has the privilege to introduce one of its niche, most recently developed and advanced products and programs (Mobil Serv).
    Mobil Serv brings a whole new dimension to our Used Oil Analysis program that has always served your lubrication practices and helped offer solutions and/or directions to your maintenance activities.
    Mobil Serv is a web-based enhanced tool which provides you with total control over your used oil analysis at the touch of your finger-tips. With access to the Mobil Serv portal, our customers will have online capabilities to register, edit and add their sample and equipment data. With  Mobil Serv Oil Analysis, you can manage maintenance activities with greater ease and efficiency.

    VENDOR List


    We can provide the savings and convenience of buying your lubricants, metalworking fluids, and industrial supplies from one vendor. Mobil quality products and value-added services make us one of the most dynamic distributors among Exxon Mobil Egypt network.
    Choose El Zahed as your one source vendor for lubricants, greases, oils and fuels. From economy engine oils to high performance synthetic products, we offer more choices. We also supply the hard-to-find specialty products including high-performance synthetics, semi-synthetics, high-temp greases, heavy-duty oils and passenger car motor oils.

    • Refrigeration oils
    • Paper machine oils.
    • Textile oils.
    • Enclosed and open gear oils.
    • Metal processing oils.
    • Heat transfer oils.
    • Rust prevention oils.
    • High Temp. Grease.
    • Multipurpose Grease.
    • Marine Lubricants.
    • Diesel Engine oil.
    • Gasoline Engine oil.
    • Diesel/Gasoline Engine oil.
    • Brake Fluid oil.
    • Transmission oil.
    • Coolant Fluid (Antifreeze).
    • Automotive grease. Steam cylinder oils.
    • Hydraulic oils.
    • Compressors, pumps oil.
    • Turbine oils.